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Welcome to ArcheAge Roleplay
Welcome to ArcheAge Roleplay, where players of one of the most intuitive sandbox MMORPGs gather to revel in their mutual love of storytelling.

ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Jake Song (Lineage) of XL Games and managed in the Western regions by Trion (Rift). It features a seamless world in which players can build and explore, while the world is engaged in a heated intercontinental war between factions. Challenging PvE and dynamic PvP provides players with multiple avenues for entertainment. ArcheAge also features sea-based combat, music creation, land seizure and warfare, world boss fights, crafting and gathering, mount and battle pet training, and much, much more.

As of April 2014, ArcheAge has been released in its Alpha development stage for Western audiences, allowing us our earliest previews of official lore. Going forward, ArcheAge Roleplay will serve as a community hub for all things to do with ArcheAge lore and cooperative roleplay.

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Wanderer / Aug 16, 2016
Greetings once more AARP!

Our third moderator named today is none other than the relatively new but obviously very heavily invested and active Keyshin of the Freehold! He's the founder of the AARP Discord channel, and will be assisting as well with forum-related mod-ship! His dedication to the continued progress and longevity of the community will be a valuable asset to us all.

Welcome Keyshin!

As usual, if you have any troubles, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to a moderator like Keyshin, or any of our new moderators, and they will assist you!