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Night Ronin Showdown

Date: Jan 12, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Every 2 weeks on Fridays
Posted by: Sanjuro
Category: IC Event [Cross-Faction]

Test your strengths in DnD friendly combat! The Night Ronin Dojo is hosting a bi-weekly event on Fridays where people may gather around, watch the tournament, drink, and make friends! This is NOT to test gear score and class against one another, but more fit to fighting tactics purely in RP (although if you really want to duel, go for it and let us know beforehand). If you aren’t shy and would like to make a name for yourself at the Night Ronin Tournaments, please enter! Our winners will be posted on the website every other week in our Night Ronin thread. We will have food service, a minibar, outdoor seating, and musical entertainment during the fights.

Location: Ahnimar // West
Time: 8pm EST

- Attacks that roll above 50 are successful and the opponent may react to it.
- Attacks that roll below 50 are UNSUCCESSFUL so the opponent may counter/dodge.
- Whoever loses ALL of their HP first is knocked out of the round. [You start out with 5 HP, each successful attack on you is -1 HP]
- The winner of each round moves up a level to fight their next opponent.
- Either Fighter 1 or Fighter 2 of their round will move up into the next round.
- The last fighter to win the final round is the ultimate winner of that night!
- Prizes to be given out SOON!

  • Photographs will be taken and posted
  • Fighters will be selected the week before
  • Attacks based on rolling (DnD)
  • Winners will be announced every other week of the fight
  • Waiters/Waitresses will be at service

Staff Members [In order]:
Xavion - Scorekeeper
Gywnevere - Photographer
Tetsuro - Ringleader/Dojo Master
Uther - Assistant/Musician
Isak - Bartender and Cook

Waitresses - Nikiita / Kahori / Lauranes


If you are interested in entering a match, please send a DM to me here on this website OR message my tag Tetsuro#3438!


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