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[Pinned] "Heard it on the road." Rumor Mill Thread

Some of you may be familiar with this type of thread and its function, and may have seen it in other RP communities. For those that haven't, I'll explain the use and rules. What is this thread for?What is the function of this thread? It's to be us...
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Roleplay Discussion

[Pinned] Monthly RP Prompts for Random Quirky Character Development

Alrighty, I am starting up a monthly bit, this one on character development. Feel free to use these topics and be as creative as you want. Write a story, list what things are, whatever tickles your fancy!All months will be kept in this first post ...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet

ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet300+ Questions(Omit any fields that don’t pertain, or that you do not want or need to answer.)Name InformationFirst Name: (Real first name.)Middle Name: (If your character has a middle name. If not, omit.)Last Nam...
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[Pinned] ArcheAge RPC Skype Chat

Because ArcheAge doesn't presently offer any solution for the RP community to stay in contact in real-time, the RP community has created and maintained a large group chat on Skype. We have been running this chat since the early stages of beta, and...
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Fan Creations

[Pinned] Monthly Screenshot Challenge!

Alrighty, monthly challenges of screenies for you to share.All themes will be posted in this first post and updates throughout the thread, so even if you join late, you can certainly catch up!April 2015 - DisgustMay 2015 - Inexplicable Joy
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[NA] Conviction

[Pinned] MIRAGE MONTHLY; An IC news source

New Mirage Monthly edition!
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Conviction Guilds

[Pinned] [Tahyang] Non-functioning guild listing purge notice. [Sept 17th, 2015]

With the influx of new and returning players coming into the ArcheAge RP community, we want to make it easier for them to sort through the information on these forums to help them find what they're looking for. In combing through the guild listing...
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Roleplay Discussion

[Pinned] Rolling Dice in RP [CoC 7th Ed Style]

Why Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Rolls?During a recent skype adventure, I suggested we try the new Call of Cthulhu style dice rolls. These rolls focus on who tells the story -- and not success or failure. If you succeed in a roll, you tell the story y...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Screenshot Thread

Here are my two candidates for main characters. I've spent a lot of time making them in open beta in anticipation for launch. I know I am going West, so it is between Nuian and Elf.Elf-Human-
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[Pinned] Debunking Erroneous Lore

Hey guys,So I noticed that a lot of people are still citing a thread on the official forums that seems to present some lore information. No, not the one that I recently authored, but one that was published months ago, prior to a majority Alpha inv...
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Roleplay Discussion

[Pinned] [GUIDE] Roleplaying Insanity

~ Roleplaying Insanity ~A key component of psychological horror RP is losing control of your character and allowing things to go horribly wrong. Here is a method (inspired by Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.) to determine how your character might lose thei...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Switching Between Languages

Hello~Today I just learned how to switch between languages. You can switch to any language at any time in ArcheAge, however, you won't be able to fully speak it without it getting jumbled up unless you have a sound proficiency in learning the lang...
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[NA] Conviction

[Pinned] East & West RP Spots List

UPDATED as of 15 April 2015Special thanks to the Tahyang - NA Roleplay Hubs thread for starting this off.SCREENSHOTS NEEDED!Feel free to post any suggestions, and I'll be sure to update the thread with your input.Thank you!Player-Made Venues Index...
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Roleplay Bulletins

[Pinned] [Venue Profile] The Royal City of Ezna [WIP]

EZNATHE ROYAL CITY Various taverns are spread throughout the city. There's one at the southeastern edge of the Commercial District, frequently hosted as The Black Wolf Tavern «CLOSED»...... another that lies in the midst of the Crafting District,...
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[Pinned] Art Resources
Off Topic Discussion

[Pinned] Art Resources

So I got asked earlier today what brushes I was using during my art stream today. For years now I've been collecting brushes by various artists I follow as well as watching their videos of their speed paints and picking up tips and tricks along t...
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[Pinned] Venue Profiles
Roleplay Bulletins

[Pinned] Venue Profiles

Please use this forum for highlighting RP venues and destinations, both public, private, and open world. Give these posts the subject [Venue Profile]. What should a venue profile include? A marketing announcement or bulletin (IC) Map and Direct...
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Roleplay Discussion

[Pinned] A Guide to Armor and Clothing Sets

A Guide to Armor SetsHey fellow roleplayers! A question I hear from a lot of folks is how or where to find the perfect set of armor or clothing to suit their character. I am constantly looking for clothing to help me portray my characters the best...
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Community Information

[Pinned] Rules & Guidelines

ArcheAge Roleplay Rules & GuidelinesBelow are a few simple rules that you, the User, by registering to and using these forums are expected to agree to and abide by. Violation of these terms may result in warning or an account ban from the site...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[Pinned] Naming Traditions

Many of you have been wondering what sort of naming traditions can be found in ArcheAge. Unsurprisingly, the societies found in ArcheAge are post-enlightenment quasi-multicultural societies, and naming traditions are not overly stringent. Since th...
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Off Topic Discussion

[Pinned] April Community Drive Challenge: Helping the RP community grow.

In the beginning, ArcheAge's roleplay community was large, spread-out, and there were three active roleplay sites and forums. With all new MMOs, populations dip around the six- to eight-month mark. Players who put gameplay before other forms of pl...
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