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ArcheAge Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

Below are a few simple rules that you, the User, by registering to and using these forums are expected to agree to and abide by. Violation of these terms may result in warning or an account ban from the site. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules. Rules and guidelines are subject to change and amendment at any time, and a moderator can punish you for any breach of courtesy whether or not it is detailed in this thread.

Please note that these rules still apply to all of our members off-site when claiming representation of our site. If you include a link or reference to our site, please abide by these rules.

All of the following rules apply to forum posts, comments, uploaded media, chatbox interaction, Skype group interaction, and other officially endorsed AARP community mediums.

General Rules

  • RMT, Power Leveling, Hacking, and Account Services
  • ArcheAge Roleplay supports fair-play only. Any discussion of botting, real-money-trading, power leveling, account buying/selling/trading, hacking, or other related activities will result in a ban from the site and a report to Trion games detailing your violations or intended violations. Please refrain from engaging in any of these activities.

  • Social Discrimination
  • Any exhibition of racial intolerance, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, age discrimination, body image discrimination, etc. is not tolerated. Depending on the severity of the transgression, expressing hurtful opinions toward any group may result in anything from a warning to a ban. Please be mindful of the content of certain jokes and the use of various terms that could bother another user.

  • Slander and Libel
  • While it is understood that players will not always see eye to eye, this forum is not a place for personal arguments that result in or involve personal attacks and attempts towards defamation of character. Depending on the severity of the transaction, the punishment for violating this rule may range from a warning to a ban.

  • General Respect
  • Please be courteous to one another regardless of any disagreements that may arise. Unnecessary snide comments, insults, or other discourteous replies will not go unnoticed and may result in a warning. Multiple warnings may result in a ban. If someone is uncomfortable with a subject matter in an open discussion thread or chat, you are expected to respect them and drop the subject.

  • Content
  • Because our forum is not exclusively 18+, we ask that you do not include adult material in your posts. Off-site links for art and writing are acceptable with fair warning (a NSFW label, for instance), but if it can be helped, we ask that you completely avoid posting "adult' material.

In Character Forum Rules

  • RP Courtesy
  • While reading or engaging in In Character (IC) interactions on this forum, it is expected that you will not use meta information in game to foil another player's story-arc or character development, nor will you use it to grant your character special powers of insight. You will not, while roleplaying on this forum, assume the roles of any important NPCs within ArcheAge, nor may you elevate your character(s)'s status to unreasonable levels (in other words, no godmodding).

  • Thread Participation
  • In the event that a roleplaying thread is marked "closed," 'private," or any related term, it is expected that you will not involve yourself in-character without the express permission of the person who created the thread. A thread creator may bring any grievance regarding such an act to any moderator to address.

  • Feedback
  • If feedback is requested or freely given on any story or roleplay thread, it is to remain as courteous as possible. Constructive criticism is generally welcomed (unless otherwise specified by the author(s)), but insulting a creation is not acceptable. This also applies to the Fan Creations subforum.

  • Adult Themes
  • If your post contains adult themes, such as mild eroticism, violence, torture, or any other sensitive subjects, please contain it in a spoiler tag with adequate warning as to what follows. Please do not include full-blown ERP on this forum however, as there are certain laws in place governing the viewing of certain material (even written material) for people under 18, and we are not exclusively an 18+ community.

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The Rules & Guidelines have been updated as of April 6th, 2015, to reflect our stance on adult material and to expand upon the general respect clause.

Four centuries of egalitarian activism earned <Devigard> a reputation. Some think of them as extremists, others as heroes.
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