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#13313819 Jun 22, 2017 at 04:55 PM
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Does anyone have a good infiltrator build that is up to date? 3.0-3.5 wise. I haven't had any luck finding any from 3.0 or newer. Currently I am level 45 using a bow and 2 swords with Leather armor, most of my stats are in the archer spec with some in shadowplay and sorcerer. I hope to mostly do dungeons endgame wise when not RP'ing, maybe some pvp eventually.
#13315796 Jun 23, 2017 at 09:54 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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I would recommend you join the RP Discord ( and ask there. That's really where all the action is.

But do be aware that you won't be using a single class all the time, as you might in another game. In ArcheAge most people use different builds for different situations. This can become as specific as having a build tailored to one particular boss or dungeon, since some strategies rely on people having certain skills equipped. It's common to change classes multiple times a day.

Also, the most recent update, 3.5, brought extensive changes to combat skills, so any build you find online may no longer be correct.

A build that combines Sorcery with Archery is going to be difficult to do successfully, because magic damage and ranged damage get their stats from two different types of armor and weapons. You can easily make hybrid builds, but not all of them are terribly useful.
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