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Full Name: Tetsuro ???

Age: 25

Accent: Tetsuro picked up a slight accent (which to others would sound Latin) from his years hiding away with the bookkeeper (foreigner) since he ultimately spent more time with him than his own father.

Known for: Being wanted by government officials or mercenaries.

Occupation: Collecting bounties for the guild he leads or for his own pleasures. Training those who want to learn how to fight the Bushido way. Master of the Night Ronin Dojo.

Appearances: His hair appears a black in certain settings or at night mixed with a navy. And during the day it shines dark grey. His eyes are deep blue, and he has a fuzzy and light groomed beard that matches his hair. His body is pretty built and tall.

Personality: As anyone interested in Tetsuro gets to know him, they will notice he is very reluctant to open up and there will always be SOME sort of distance between he and his guild no matter what they could try. His temper is.. rather shitty, but he knows when its time to get serious in terms of bounties. His humor is perverted and dark, and he has an on and off sex drive when it comes to putting himself out there at night in the city. His bad habit is hiding things from those close to him to protect them or himself, but he can get protective and turn into a 'father figure' or a child in any given moment. He can easily get soft for a woman if she tried hard enough.

Likes: Sailing on his cheapish clipper just to look at Nuia from a different point of view. Riding the airships alone to stare over the rail. Challenging random traveling mercenaries or warriors to a fight, and even when he loses he laughs about his wounds like a dumbass. He enjoys making an image for himself at the Taverns or shows after a hard drink. Bounties are a living. He loves to train ambitious youngins. Eating is practically a virtue.

Dislikes: People that are greedy and openly selfish. Bitter or bland foods. Long boring chats with strangers. The government pisses him off. Any kind of military pisses him off. The black market.

Background: Tetsuro's distant nature could link to the fact that his father forced him from the village he grew up in and trained at a very young age. Their village was known to have a very strict code that began with royal ties and if it wasn't followed properly, it could cause disgrace on that Village and the Head, possibly even arrest if it was leaked to the capital. As a child, Tetsuro was always trying to find ways to avoid abiding by these strict rules, spending most of his free time at the local library. The library was outside of the village and the Bookkeeper, a growing friend, and mentor to Tetsuro's way of thinking was more spiritually open other than solely worshipping Nui. He secretly lent Tetsuro the types of books he was most fond of: adventurous, dangerous, combative, everything forbidden to even be spoken about in the village. He would sneak out late at night to recover his stolen sword he hid in the shrubs just to practice on a deserted tree so no one would hear him. Eventually, some scouts had found the sword by their village and taken to Tetsuro's father where he began to harshly interrogate every young boy until Tetsuro came out to express all of the things he was passionate about. This enraged his father, exiling him and stripping him of "relations" where he had to leave his little sister behind and travel the country on his own at age 16. His first stop was the library, where he told the bookkeeper everything. As bidding fairwell, he lent him several books about combat and adventure for his exile alone, never returning. Tetsuro would spend cold nights snuggled in some musty barn, reading the books over and over or practicing by a stream any kind of combat he read about. He lived off what he could hunt until he was 19, where on his travels he found a bulletin for bounties and rewards. In some cases, bounties didn't go well which earned wanted posters or flyers for his head/arrest. This molded him to be even more free-spirited and rebellious as his DISLIKE for the government grew.

Today: Tetsuro leads a guild of ruffians like him making a living to collect bounties, meet more people around the continent, and travel for trade. He trains them, teaches them what knowledge he gained from those books long ago, and sees them as his more faithful family built on similar interest: fighting side by side, not religiously.

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