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<Respect is earned. Honestly is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned>

"A samurai doesn't need a reason to take action. If something needs saving, all you have to do is grab your sword."
- A Note of a Swordsmen

NightRaid is a guild consisting of ruffians, outlaws, ronins or those who have been abandoned, cut off, or outcasted in their pasts, with ambitions and similar ways of thinking. Daily we train to become physically and morally stronger, growing as a whole. NightRaiders think more spiritually and freely, strongly opposing Nuian officials/government and royalty's expectations. We aren't the friendliest guild, but once getting use to our rough atmosphere, it'll feel like home. We welcome all types of people and are open to various roles, along with any type of RP.

Our Story:
We started off with a dark past in where we ran for bounties without any hesitation. We have slaughtered mercenaries who had rampaged through villages and indulging themselves with greed. Together we fight for what we need to survive, traveling day by day on donkey or horse to get somewhere with food, shelter, and light. At the beginning, our story starts off with the novel-like epic, known as Blood Parade. Recorded by the leader of NightRaid himself. Before NightRaid was born, Tetsuro was exiled from his childhood village, forced to leave his younger brother behind. Ever since, he has delved into books, teaching himself how to fight decently and learning how to survive. Eventually, he and his brother are reunited and embark on a journey throughout the continent. On their journey they meet several assassins, criminals, and outcasts with like-minded goals. One interesting encounter with Isak.

Night Ronin Dojo: SOON TO BE REBUILT

The Night Ronin Dojo -- Will be open to those who want to take part in DnD styled combat and tournaments!

In the dojo is where the Leaders of NightRaid train our members to become elite fighters on whichever guided path they choose. The dojo includes traditional ideals and procedures which is written out on the Forums.

Inside the Dojo: Shoes Off!

Inside the Dojo, if a warrior in our guild is worthy of promotion, often happening about once a month after they have completed their training sessions, we hold a Promotion Ceremony in which they are dubbed a rank higher than before and congratulated by both leaders in front of the whole guild.

We are in fact bounty hunters.. for a price. And we will be willing to do the job cleanly without getting your hands dirty, we are mainly hanging at Tavern nights from time to time for requets. OR you prefer to be the one joining us on getting the bounties done, then APPLY now! We will be doing trade runs, PvP, in-guild events and crossguild roleplay events! We are currently made up of 7 people join us and make your mark early!

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