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Not sure how to start this off, so let's use the guidlines as a setup.

How did you hear about ArcheAge?
Waaay back, when I joined the beta.

What are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?
Having fun with people without feeling restricted by level to do activities.

Do you have a character concept? Do share!
Not really, but I want to mostly focus on sailing a galleon (my favorite ship that I've used), trading and faction warfare since those are the concepts of AA I find the most fun. So I'd guess my character would probably be a captain for hire.

What other games have you played and roleplayed in?
I don't really roleplay in MMO's. I have joined Star Wars: The Old Republic on the RP server, but found it difficult to start RP communications with people there. Shame, cause that game looks nicely build for RP even with the main questlines.
So aside from that I do tend to play RPG with a roleplay mindset: talking to NPC irl in between their dialogues, just saying hi to a passerby, etc.

What are your hobbies outside of MMORPGs?
Gaming, reading, writing, swimming, walking, going out to the bar

Where are you from?

I've got the feeling of wanting to play an MMO again, and AA is the only one right now that takes my fancy. So I want to do a complete restart again. And I'm thinking of playing an Elf this time around (I've always played Harani before) so that could be interesting too.
Because the game can get a bit stale after a certain amount of time (I usually don't join guilds so fast), RP seems like a interesting new way to keep it fun even after I get to max level :)
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