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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Screenshot Thread

Here are my two candidates for main characters. I've spent a lot of time making them in open beta in anticipation for launch. I know I am going West, so it is between Nuian and Elf.Elf-Human-
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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Switching Between Languages

Hello~Today I just learned how to switch between languages. You can switch to any language at any time in ArcheAge, however, you won't be able to fully speak it without it getting jumbled up unless you have a sound proficiency in learning the lang...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Friendly Reminder: ArcheAge/Trion Security!

Hello everybody,Those of you who have been following the AA forums actively will have noticed the increasing amount of 'Omg I've been hacked!' posts. This ranges from people losing all their items, gold and cash points on their account, to people ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[Pinned] Discussion Topics

Discussion TopicsArcheAge Discussion on the ArcheAge Roleplay forums exists primarily to discuss non-RP elements of ArcheAge. Because there's quite a bit to do in the game, there is a lot to be discussed. Questions, opinions, and advice on various...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Infiltrator Build

Does anyone have a good infiltrator build that is up to date? 3.0-3.5 wise. I haven't had any luck finding any from 3.0 or newer. Currently I am level 45 using a bow and 2 swords with Leather armor, most of my stats are in the archer spec with som...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Dazed and Confused

I seem to have lost the thread of my Racial quests; in my Quest Log, it shows Chapter 2, steps 1-4 as finished...when I got shoved off the cliff. After that, I don't actually recall if it was a Racial or Basic quest that sent me on to Tigerspine, ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[PSA] Trade run safety

Trade runs are a great source of income for any player wishing to gear up or purchase goods/services in Archeage. A recurring problem I have seen in faction chat with both RPers and non RPers alike are their blatant saltiness when getting their p...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[GIVEAWAY] Archeage writing contest/discord giveaway

Greetings fellow RPers! I sit here at my desk at work to announce that I have partnered with Trion worlds and will be hosting 2 very cool contests with great prizes! Before anouncing the contests I would like to first show you the prize!Candy-fue...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Defiler Build

Hey everybody. So, since I hit level 40, I decided to pick up a scepter and re-spec to Defiler. It was my intention to make the switch between 40-45; leveling mostly as a Hexblade to get my Defense and Witchcraft up so that I could rely largely on...
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ArcheAge Discussion

quick level grouping question...

So I am looking to start playing on the RP server and trying to convince my wife and friend to join me. My question is, if I start now and get ahead of them, does it make grouping difficult?I am mostly planning to do a lot of crafting, trading, sa...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Help Selling Stuff?

Howdy! It's been a loooooooong time since I've poked around here, but with Revalation coming out relatively soon, I've gotten renewed interest in the game! <3Then I realized why I hated this game. So. Many. Things. Are stuffed behind a paywall ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Hi! New Player Questions

Hi! I started playing Archeage semi-casually a couple of weeks ago on the Aranzeb server and have really enjoyed it so far despite a few issues. I decided to get more serious about it and am starting over in the Tahyang server in order to join the...
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ArcheAge Discussion

FoA for the next week

We are having our semi regular guild meet up this week, so a huge chunk of officer corp and active folks will be at a mountain cabin retreat having a great time! A few poor souls will be left behind to tend the game chores that need doing ;)Shoul...
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ArcheAge Discussion

What Land Is For Sale.

As we have a few new people on the server, I thought I toss this thread up.Solzreed west of Crescent, has several plots for sale. One in particular is priced to move: A farmers Thatch. 2k gold. Its back off the road closer to the edge of the beach...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Newcomer duo seeking advice

Both I and my wife will be moving from GW2 (Guild Wars 2) to ArcheAge soon, as we've exhausted GW2's duo-playable PvE content. We are planning on Tahyang, since I'm an active RPer (she gets along with it, but finds too much talk-talk boring). We a...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Where's the RP at?!

Hello Tahyang!Decided to pick up AA once again after trying multiple MMOs and well all of them falling flat due the desire of sandbox elements which is sorely lacking. Tried out BDO but the less said about my adventures there the better. Wanted to...
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ArcheAge Discussion

If you could change one thing...

... about AA, other than RNG, what would it be?
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ArcheAge Discussion

A new site?

Has anyone else seen this one? looks like the paint isn't quite dry on it yet.
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ArcheAge Discussion

Name Changes Coming!

News Post on AARP Here!Discuss!...Personally I'm stoked, because I do have two little baby alts that have names not congruent with their actual names. I named them before I created them. (Cause I'm stupid.) I'm sure I won't get one of their names ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Player Nation RP?

So with player nations on the horizon I was wondering if any of the RP community are thinking of entering the fray. Mostly due to the reworked creation quest from RU and how the castles are now being built as new functioning towns.Here's the link ...
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