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[Pinned] ArcheAge RPC Skype Chat

Because ArcheAge doesn't presently offer any solution for the RP community to stay in contact in real-time, the RP community has created and maintained a large group chat on Skype. We have been running this chat since the early stages of beta, and...
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[Pinned] Introductions Guideline: What to say?

Welcome to ArcheAge RoleplayNot sure what to say about yourself? Here are some suggestions for you to get a thread going in order to introduce yourself to the ArcheAge Roleplay community. How did you hear about ArcheAge? What are your hopes for RP...
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*Curiously Peeks in*

HEYLOOOOk Sooooo I played Archeage when it first launched... Yeah that long ago. Maybe a few weeks at most and stopped due to Bugzzzzz and frustration. Recently decided to get it again. (Download should be done today) And Hell I'm an RPer. It's w...
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New Girl

Hello all, my name is Greta and I am the latest addition to this community. It was nice to be a part of this forum. I hope that all of you is having a good night/day. I work as a chat support representative for PetStreetMall.
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Hi there. :) I'm not sure whether to say I'm returning or I'm new, as when I played before I didn't really step into RP. I had the intention to, but my wariness of people (particularly RPers - it's an odd stance to have, especially when I love RP ...
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Returning, after a long, long time

HelloGonna just start with the guidelines­čśâHow did you hear about ArcheAge?In 2015, my husband and I were looking for something new, and we found Archeage by research.What are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?Well, I want to find a family, hopefully b...
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New Player

Hello everyone,I am a new player. New to the game but not new to RP or MMORPGs.I am a casual player, much more into RP/Lore, PvE, and Character Progression than anything. I enjoy dungeons and raids the most. I am looking for a guild that takes n...
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Soon to be new comers to Archeage RP

A friend and I will soon be landing in Tahyang on the eastern side. I'm an experienced RPer while he is going to be new but genuinely interested in giving it a try. It's going to be a learning experience for both of us as neither us have RPed in t...
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Returning to ArcheAge

Hey all! Decided to start getting back into Archeage this past weekend, I have a Dwarf named Kintly and a Warborn named Zivaria on the Tahyang server. I don't have any background or the like figured out for my characters yet but I am hoping to fin...
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Hello there

I have recently downloaded the game. Joined the official ArcheAge Roleplay discord before the download was complete. I have played a few roleplayed in a few mmorpgs over the years and have decent amount of RP experience. I am really looking forwar...
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Hello thar

I'm a new player and downloading the game now, curious as to whether I'll be on east or west side and if anyone has any recommendations? Got several years of rp experience under my belt and heard good things about this rp community, so decided to ...
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Hello Archeage RP!

How you're doing, AE RP? Hope fine.I'm new to this game and to this site. I have played it briefly though, but I'd like to taste of what the game's RP side has to offer! I have been roleplaying in WoW for like 2 years, great experience, just left ...
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Good morning, noon or night,I'm Brandon, a zealous writer with about ten years of role play behind me this year. I have frequented most every MMORPG on the market but am only just discovering this gem this week thanks to a coworker. I'm making my ...
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Somewhat Newbie - Big Aspirations!

Hello, the title says it mostly! I am helping run two guilds with the same theme while being new. Pretty big process in itself. But this section isn't for advertisement so -I am excited to get more involved in this community and hope to meet you a...
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Greetings and Salutations

Hello, all. My in-game persona (for the moment, at least) is a young, female Harani named Nantechildis; I am *very* new to Archeage, although I did dabble with the game several months the time, though, I was also involved in another MMORP...
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Hello! Are people still active here? :)

Hello everyone! I want to try out ArcheAge roleplay, after being devoted to GW2 roleplay for about three or four years.I am on the NA server, Tahyang(?), and I hope there's quite some folk still busy RPing here! I hope to hear from folk, and if th...
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I haven't even downloaded the game, but...

... I'm interested! But first, I'm an avid roleplayer. I'm addicted to it. Right now I'm having a grand old time in SWTOR. But is Archeage worth it for roleplayers? Are guilds friendly to new players who are still good and experienced at roleplay?...
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The world I care for

It has been a long time. Six months or more. Liandra had been kept imprisoned for at least that long and it seemed nothing would change. She even refused to eat or drink, but it did not seem to have an impact on her father. He was sure the world h...
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Greetings and well met everyone. New to ArchAge, went looking for the RP Community and I found this website. I'll be playing on the Reckoning Server (possibly subject to change). Looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully making some frie...
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Pretty much new again.

Hey everyone. I used to play this game religiously to the point where I knew most of the game...Until the fire nation (Trion screwed up). So I'm iching to come back and learn the game as a whole again but it would be cool to either find friends or...
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