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[Pinned] ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet

ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet300+ Questions(Omit any fields that don’t pertain, or that you do not want or need to answer.)Name InformationFirst Name: (Real first name.)Middle Name: (If your character has a middle name. If not, omit.)Last Nam...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Archetype Forge - Character Crafting Inspiration

Hi there! I'm Fia, I've been around the block a few times when it comes to role-play and writing in general. I thought it would be fun to share some of the ways I build characters as not only a role-player but also a published author. Hopefully it...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Character Thoughts

Adding a little "oomph" to your profile is simple with what some call "character thoughts." Others might call it "insights," "monologues," or simply "relationships." There are a plethora of names for this practice, but what it actually is, is real...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Basic Character Profile Form

GeneralFull Name: Nicknames: Level: Class: Race: Gender: Age: Hair: Skin: Eyes: BiographicalPlace of Residence: Place of Birth: Relatives: Enemies: Allies: Occupation: Tradeskills: Appearance: Fashion of Choice: Armor of Choice: Weapons of Choice:...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Tetsuro

Full Name: Tetsuro ??? Age: 25Accent: Tetsuro picked up a slight accent (which to others would sound Latin) from his years hiding away with the bookkeeper (foreigner) since he ultimately spent more time with him than his own father.Known for: Bein...
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Character Profiles

Mulberry [Tahyang East]. With footnotes.

Biography/HistoryBoth parents are archaeologists whose field of study is the Tehmi Empire. They stayed for an extended period at a remote site in the borderlands of Rookborne and Windscour, where they befriended the local Firran families and becam...
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Character Profiles

Elania Kurosaki [East/wip]

Elania Kurosaki "Hi.... ummm... I'm sort of lost.." Name: Elania KurosakiAge: 23Gender: FemaleRace: HiraniClass: ScorcererAppearance:Personality:To describe Elania in a mere three words you would have to call her energetic, happy, and outgoing. A ...
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Character Profiles

Cleddyfwr (Tahyang-West)

GeneralFull Name: Cleddyfwr von Arden, Viscount of Northern White ArdenNicknames: CleddyLevel: 55Class: PaladinRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: 30Hair: BrownSkin: Peachy, Light skinEyes: Pure Hazel (Green hue)BiographicalPlace of Residence: White Arden...
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Character Profiles

Tahyang East - Baszhar

A very young, male Firran (just old enough to attempt his "Bejant" trials), Baszhar is the 4th son in his family; his Father, Djinubuhr, is from the Oxion Clan, while his Mother, Heshrushesh, is a member of the Whisperwind Clan. Having little (non...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang, West] Rill Redclay

Race: NuianGender: Rill is what we would today call a transgender woman, but she's never heard any concept like that, and views herself more as a man with a strange desire to be a woman, which she generally doesn't talk about and tries unhelpfully...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Mjolla of Melt

"You're traveling to Melt? 'Tis no good, the mountain has already taken it back. Best to come around again next year or maybe year after for the path to clear" -Chief Hobbs GeneralFull Name: MjollaPronounced: Myol-laRace: DwarfGender: FemaleA...
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Character Profiles


Name InformationFirst Name: Oozing OreNickname: KadaroAliases:Many, changes with his moodTitles: None official (yet), but often introduces himself with one - Captain or Chief being the most commonName Meaning: (Kadaro) - To Move ForwardName Origin...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Waste

GeneralFull Name: Real name unknown; lost to history. Nicknames: "Ragethirst," name taken prior to the Ezna Massacre; "Striding Boar," name taken post-Ezna; "Waste," name given by the Harani and the name he goes by now.Level: 41 Class: Defiler Rac...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] [East] Takira

GeneralFull Name: Takira (No one, not even she know her family name.)Nicknames: NoneLevel: 55Class: EbonsongRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 22Hair: Deep red, short and curled in tight little ringlets.Skin: Smooth and cream colored where there is no...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Nadhiya

General Character ProfileFull Name: Nadhiya El'laetanNicknames: ‘Nad(h)’ (very rarely)Level: 55Class: OracleRace: ElfGender: FemaleAge: 167 (October 1st)Hair: Golden BlondeSkin: Pale, lightly tannedEyes: Green with gold flecksBiographica...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Dain

((Dain has been retired from the roleplaying community and is not an active character at this time. If encountered in-game, it should be assumed that he is out-of-character.))General Character ProfileFull Name: Dain Nicknames: ‘Beachboy’Level: 50+...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] [West] Zadyria Gelm

GeneralFull Name: Zadyria GelmNicknames: ZadLevel: 55Class: SpellsingerRace: ElvenGender: FemaleAge: 250Hair: Green and BlueSkin: GreenishEyes: VioletBiographicalPlace of Residence: Diamond Shores and Thunder IslandPlace of Birth: Gree...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Alyahric

Full Name: AlyahricNicknames: Al Level:Class: Paladin, Bloodthrall, blighterRace: ElfGender: Male Age: some where around 165Hair: Golden blondeSkin: fairEyes: GreyBiographicalPlace of Residence: Lillyut HillPlace of Birth: Gweonid ForrestRelatives...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang-West] Crow

Name InformationFirst Name: Nasim (Nah-seem)Last Name: Haddan (Hah-dahn)Formal Name: Nasim al-DeviNicknames: Nas (Nahs)Aliases: CrowTitles: -Name Meaning: Fresh AirName Origin: MahadeviDemographic InformationRace: Half Elf/Half MahadevianNationali...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Gandris Steelwing

Optional: For your viewing pleasure (open in another tab) Gandris of the Seven, Lion of IRON, Ambassador of IRON, Ship Captain of IRON Arandor, Ship Master of ArandorGeneral InformationName: Gerard ...
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