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[NA] Conviction

[Pinned] MIRAGE MONTHLY; An IC news source

New Mirage Monthly edition!
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[Pinned] East & West RP Spots List

UPDATED as of 15 April 2015Special thanks to the Tahyang - NA Roleplay Hubs thread for starting this off.SCREENSHOTS NEEDED!Feel free to post any suggestions, and I'll be sure to update the thread with your input.Thank you!Player-Made Venues Index...
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[Pinned] What Goes Here?
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[Pinned] What Goes Here?

What Goes Here?The Tahyang subforum is a general forum to discuss all things related to the Tahyang server--the winner of the public vote for an unofficial RP server in North America! Discuss your server's politics, atmosphere, and your expectatio...
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New to the server looking for RP partners

I played once on the games release and got to 40ish but Im thinking about starting again on this server and was wondering if there were folk around available for RPing, I mean currently I have no faction or character yet (still installing) but I f...
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New RP Hub

People have tossed around the idea of having an RP hub where we could go and just find others for some spontaneous RP, as well as a place to direct new players so they can meet people. Well, a group of us decided to do something with that idea.Sta...
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Looking for a Guild or some casual RP buddies, Haranya alliance

My character name is Taullana and I'm currently 37-38, working toward 40,and I have nobody to chill with between quests. It's very lonely, and I'm looking for an active and friendly RP guild that would be willing to include me. I'm a friendly pers...
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Hermitage for Sale

Greetings ArcheAgeRP!So, for the last few months I have been virtually absent from ArcheAge following a more formal departure from the game. I have, however, kept up the maintenance of properties in the game. More or less, I was holding out for th...
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Support your RP Castle

Hey folks, building a castle from scratch (cause player nation tore it down) is a monumental task. Both factions can help out(and get rewards)! Come on up with a "Work Permit" from your guild prestige shop, get documented to work in Nuimari, and...
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CONGRATS FREEHOLD OF ARANDOR! [First RP owned castle site]

Through sheer skill and determination we have secured the first castle zone to be owned by RPers.
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Need people to play/RP with!

Hello there! Just came back to the game a few days ago, I am not a highly developed character yet but I'm pretty good at the game. I just can't overcome the lonliness that's surrounding me in this great game. I've been having fun, messing aroun...
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Captain is looking for a new home

Hello everyone this notice is to inform you of my intent to settle in the nearby country land. I have been long at war on behalf of the Nuian Nation and currently retiring. I am looking for a sizeable amount of land to purchase to live out my days...
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Looking for an RP guild on Tahyang Server!

Dwarven Female Kristryd!Hello, I'm a returning player, come to see how I like the newer races! As such, I'd enjoy a place anywhere that could use a Dwarven War-priest(ess)! I haven't delved too far into a backstory for her, as I enjoy shaping such...
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Looking for a Guild !!!!!

Hello everyone looking forward to rp with you all i was looking for a guild that best suit's my character's story line as a noble lady i tried applying for a marchent's freehold guild and a noble house guild but with no response if any of the guil...
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Looking for a RP guild buut...

So I figured I would ask here, as the list is long with guilds and I have some areas that I would like ask about.When it comes to rp I am more into adventure/story rp, I can do tavern rp but I get bored by that really quickly and all to often loos...
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What faction?

Hello, I am fairly new to ArcheAge and I enjoy it very much. And would love to become an active rp'er. I realize I did not check further than server. So I am wondering if there is a faction that is more active, or they both are. So far I have an e...
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Apologies for December 24th

I want to apologize to everyone for not showing up to my own event. I worked 2 doubles (8am-11pm) Christmas Eve and Christmas. I work at an orphanage and those days are very hard for the clients. We were pretty much in emergency mode. Sorry again ...
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Questions/introduction from a New Guy

Hello peeps, I am completly new to Archeage. As in, I noticed that is has an RP community and decided to download the game because of that, as RP is something I love to do. It be a bit different from me since I am more used to rping over text-base...
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Tahyang Guilds Alliance Discord Server

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New Dwarf needs a home

Hello! As the title says I've just made a Dwarf character and I'd love to find some RP/friends/Guilds to play the game with. I'm brand new to Archeage so anyone or any group that wouldn't mind taking a newbie under their wing would be great! Thoug...
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Looking for an RP guild!

Hey everyone! I'm coming back to Archeage with the new expansion that just came out and I wanted to try the roleplay side of this game. Before I just played PVP and all that and it got kind of boring to me so I left the game for a good while and w...
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