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[Pinned] [Tahyang] Non-functioning guild listing purge notice. [Sept 17th, 2015]

With the influx of new and returning players coming into the ArcheAge RP community, we want to make it easier for them to sort through the information on these forums to help them find what they're looking for. In combing through the guild listing...
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[Pinned] Guild Recruitment Thread Guide

Guild recruitment threads can be formatted however you like, but if you are struggling to figure out what pertinent information to include in your thread, and/or you don't have the time to make a very elaborate thread, feel free to copy the form b...
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<W> Acolytes of Shatigon

Acolytes of Shatigon is officially open for recruitment! We are settled in and established, with only three guild members left on Morpheus.We have purchased Thunder Island (Kraken Island) from Cult of the Kraken, gotten it set up, and all decorat...
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<W> Freehold of Arandor (NA and EU)

All across Western Eranor these posters could be seen..From the alleys of the Crescent Throne, the Docks of Ezna, Meeting halls of White Arden and the great frontier citadel of Diamond Shores messages of Join Arandor could be
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<W> NightRaiders

NightRaiders&lt;Respect is earned. Honestly is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned&gt; "A samurai doesn't need a reason to take action. If something needs saving, all you have to do is grab your sword."- A Note of a Swordsmen NightR...
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<E>The Oda Clan

After a massive fire that razed the original Oda estate, and took the life of one of their twins, Harkan Oda and Emeile Haska took a small part of the Oda Clan's glorious fleet to stay on the move and keep the Lord and his heir safe. Durring thei...
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<Wayfarers> A new East PvE RP Guild

Hello there! &lt;Wayfarers&gt; is a newer guild just getting started. Currently we have a cast of 5 awesome members who do daily RP and trades. We also work on making music, fishing, doing trade packs. We are usually in discord and having a good t...
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Roaming RP Guild of East/West

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INTEREST CHECK [WIP Guild, starting] East & West

Hello everyone! I've been playing the game for a week now and attempting to find people that enjoy long-emoted stories. People that like making events, joining events, and writing about them in length!I'm afraid with leading a guild already, I can...
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<W> Acolytes of Shatigon - moving to Tahyang from Morpheus

The Acolytes of Shatigon have finally seen the futility of bringing RP to Morpheus - so we are moving to Tahyang! We are currently in the process of selling off our Morpheus land, but we have already begun the transition. Our Hunting Lodge has fou...
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<W> The Dark Hunters

"In a time where un-just actions are made, where loved ones go missing, and where partners hide the truth; who are finding the missing pieces that make sense of all the chaos?"We are The Dark Hunters.We are a group of brave adventurers who seek tr...
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Pirate RP Guild!

Yes! It's real! And forming!Daphie and myself have recently gone pirate, and are absolutely loving it. The fact that it's cross-faction means that we can get all sorts of people in; It's also a very safe place to be (Ironic, I know). We are in the...
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Black Claw - Coming Soon.

[a notice is pinned beneath the markings]"What ye' may see is naught but marks on a wall. Black Ink tha's been scribbled the'e by them that vandalize an' deface. Aye, many see only wha' ye' do, a markin', van'alism, or som' form o' profan'ty. Wann...
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<E> Sunday Tea RP Guild.

Hello everyone along a lot of things i been doing is I started up a new RP guild since I felt there is room for a new one since every server has room for improvements and even creating more fun stuff to do.Sunday Tea was created with the purpose o...
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<W> Slaughtered Donkey

&lt;Slaughtered Donkey&gt;Storytelling in the Town of Stone Springs If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the trees, set the inn's sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down the road l...
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[West] Erenor United <UNITED> RP/PvE/Trade

Guild Name:Erenor United &lt;UNITED&gt;Server:TahyangRegion:North AmericaFaction:Nuia (with some cross-over eastwards for RP storylines)Focus/Interests:Medium RP, Crafting, Trade, PvX - We're a group of mature players (30+) with a longstanding bac...
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Adventuring Partners

Hello!I am just starting out in the game and still within the starting areas for the Nuins, and in thought of an interesting idea: How cool would it be if I ran into another player who is interested in Rp, and we band together to level up and go t...
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<E> Open Palm - OOC/LFRP Guild

Open Palm is an unstructured out-of-character / looking-for-roleplay guild for the east. All members have invite privileges, so if you'd like to join just ask any existing member to add you (or ping me, Seydou). Please feel free to add alts into ...
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<Night Song Syndicate>

❝ she spun herself a crown of gold          thrones of bones and citadelsto the deafened stars she screamed        make me queen or ill make you bleed ❞ ~ ♔ ~ 〈Night Song Syndicate〉Whispers echo in dark alleys and in the hushed corners of the ...
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<W> Blackwater Bandits

&lt;Blackwater Bandits&gt; is a new RP/PVP guild that is recruiting! We are focusing on a roleplay within our guild of a ragtag band of less than lawful people with various past's that have been drawn together for one goal. Make as much money as p...
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