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Tahyang's Hikoro Interviews RP-Friendly Guild: Materia

Wanderer / Dec 04, 2015
One of Tahyang's more friendly players conducted an interview with a guild that recently joined us here on! Check out the interview by clicking here! (Redirects to official TrionWorlds - ArcheAge forums.)

Congrats on the spotlight, Materia!


Hikoro did an amazing job as always showcasing Materia. For those that don't follow, Hikoro has done showcases on other guilds as well. I encourage everyone to keep up to date on Tahyang News! And maybe we can showcase more guilds on AARP in the future!
All of us in Materia are overwhelmed by the attention and love we get from this community. We are only as good as the people who listens think we are - and you have all showed us we might be better than we originally thought of ourself.

As guildleader its easy to point a lot of attention to Neeet but I want to give a big shoutout to all of our amazing mmlcoders we have in the guild. It is only when we are together we can truly be Materia.
Nice Hikki i'm glad to did it! :3 nice article and amazing guild
Great work Kavajuu and Materia as a whole! Loving the music you play and your characters (as far as I can tell at least)!

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